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..I Got Trolled By My Professor


This is my first post on here.

I better make it a good one.

So Last Week,(Or maybe last it was on monday)

I emailed by Social Psychology Prefessor about the extra credit Essay assignment.

I wanted to know if i could take a different approach to the "Big 5 Personalities trait" topic and maybe focus on the gender differences.

So that was my first question.You with me so far?Ok

So Then i continued with an other question.

i asked ask if i still had to use the article and the questions on the syllabus for this assignement(because i was taking a different approach on the topic).

I asked her about several other things but ill spare you the details.

Something told me i should have talk to her in person...but I dont like poeple like that.(Social anxiety)

So the next day,when i get a reply from her.

I opened the email only to find a one word reply

"Yes :) "

I stared at my phone scrolling down and back up for a few second.

Was that it?

Is she answering "Yes" to all of my question ?

Or was that yes for one of the questions and i had to figure out which one it was for?

I wasnt mad but maybe just slightly amused because i thought at that moment

My professor just TROLLED me.

Or maybe not,

I'm not even sure if that counts as trolling.

Oh well.


Peace Out!


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