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Wondering Around : WynnWood

Earlier This month, i saw this great episode of streets by Vice where they went around Miami and showcased Biscayne Blvd and the different neighborhoods it crosses.Amoung some of the neightborhoods highlighted there was wynnwood,known as miami's art district.

So i Called up ....Texted...I dont call peope....So I texted my buddy Sketches (check out her instagram) and made plans to go at some point this month.

After about 2-2.5 Hours of driving down to miami,one missed exit and one ride throught a suspect neightbohood, we finally found it.

Problem was ...Parking.It Was a Sunday After noon.So of course if was croweded and and all the free non scketchy looking parking spots were taken.And Also We didnt bring cash for the nice parking spots.

Which wouldnt have changed anything anyways because parking was about 10$...and we werent about to do that.

So we did what many other (sane) poeple did,We drove around really really slowly. And when we would find that no one else was behind us we would park on the sidewalk for a couple of minute to take pictures of the Art Infested Walls, then drive along an other less populated wall to take more pictures.

If you live around miami or if you are visiting south florida,you should definitly go for a free (slow) drive around wynnwood.But Be Warned The Hipsters rule this part of town .


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