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“WTF were Still On Here.”

I recently saw this video on instagram and lost my mind.i mean i don’t really have much to say about it i just thought it was share worthy so i’m sharing because its HILARIOUS.

I guess i could come up with some elaborate speech about how life is like a roller coaster.Some of us end up on the slingshot like roller coaster and other end up on the kiddy roller coasters.And some of us will find ourselves to be like the boy in the black shirt;Passing out from the pressure and waking up and still finding that the the ride isn't over and when you pass out for like the 3rd time you're like “WTF am i still on Here! ”. And around this part, i would want to tell you that,you not alone.That a bunch of us out here are wondering “why the F were still one here??” ,some of us more often than other.And that's Ok.

Its Ok.thats all i got.

I can't really think of any super inspiring to say right now other then.Its Ok.Its ok to scream!Cry ! Faint ! Throw (a not to destructive ) tantrum !

I guess the point is just to Let go and just not feel like you have to bottle the fuck out of you emotions.You have feeling for a raison, express ‘em .

And throught out that will ride just let these words serve as an anchor : Every things will be ok !

And Also here is a cute picture of a kitten in some lucky bastard pockets.


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