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I Met A Ghost...?

It's 11:00 Pm and I Forgot to pick up the mail. Ive already put the old lady in bed and i dont have to change her position for an other couple of hours.So i might as well go out and get it,i mean it should take more then 5 minutes. So I hop on the elevator and press the LL Button and hope out. I grab the mail and it barely takes me 10 second to get back to the elevator. When i reach the area where the elevators are,i just stop mid stride and step back for a sec. The Old Man was wearing a full tuxedo and leaning forward on his black cane.He was staring straight down. The Old Man was So pale first thought was

"Oh Crap A FREAKING GHOST!!" (I'm pretty confident that it had nothing to do with the fact that i was watching a Paranormal Witness Marathon.) But Yeah...I Was kind of scared of him.I mean the man was very very pale and very well dressed which made him look all the more creepy. "Are you waiting on the elevator?" I asked as pushed the elevator button with a quiet speed.

( I still kept my eye on him,Now way i would go down without a fight) He never looked up.He just answered" No." "Oh Ok Well Have a Goodnight." I said as the elevator doors open.I speed walked inside and pressed the #10 button like my life depended on it.I mean i guess it could have been a random old man on his way on to some formal event.Maybe he wasn't waiting on the elevator but on someone coming down to the Lower Lever to take him to the parking lot.I guess that's a Possibility too. But it's not as cool of a story to tell. So I'm going to stick with the other story. I met a was a random old ghost sitting around next the the elevator on the lower level of a random building in Riviera. Will I embellish the story a couple of time as i tell it to different people? No Doubt About it.


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