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Wondering Around : City Place (Part 1)

"Sunday are for Jesus and Adventures " - i said that.

Today, i had but one goal ;To wake up early enough to catch the 9 Am Service at this new church I've been meaning to check out for a while.

Not that i don't like my current church but its gotten to a point where the whole commercialized atmosphere of it just got a little bit to much.

But Setting that aside, i actually accomplished my goal for the day.

Granted i was 20 minutes late but hey i still made it.My pits were far from being dry but still

i freaking made it!

Things i love about the new church:

-No One was in my Face.

I'm not saying that i'm not friendly but i don't like it much when some churches have about 10 greeters at the front of there door trying to catch every singles visitor.Not saying that they weren't friendly either but they didn't try to come at me when i slipped into the church.,and they didn't try to make me stand because i was a new comer. -They have very comfortable pews.(Church chairs)

-The Lighting was just right.Imagine your back in high school for a minute and your teacher comes in and switches and couple of lights off.I don't know about you but i loved days like these and that pretty much what it felt like.Not to bright and not movie theater pitch black either.Twas just super comfortable.

Any way, after my small victory over my anxiety,i headed off to work ,taking the long way of course;throught city place.

If you live in the West Palm Beach area you know that city place is the place to be at...And if you not from west palm then ill let you know right now City place is the Place to be at.

The whole little town (downtown) is filled with hipsters ,wall art and photo ops.

I've driven throught city place a million times ,I've walked throught some of its streets...well not enough times ;but that been mostly due to my schedule and well anxiety too.SO this summer ,i'm definitely going to do that.

So do expect a "Wondering Around part 2" in the very near future.


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