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10 Songs that will Help In A Rui-katsu Party!

I know what your thinking

"im a thugs I dont cry!"

"crying is for the weak,im too macho to cry ese! "

"Im a men ,Men dont cry!"

"I'm to boss to cry!"

Humm no cut the crap.

My former therapist once told me that there was nothing wrong with crying " It's just a way for you're body to let out some steam,There is nothing wrong with it.Its All Part of being Human ".

So really crying is good for you.

In Japan, one of the rising trends right now is called Rui-katsu and it involves a grouple of individuals getting together into groups to have a good cry....well because misery love company and also because its good for you.

So if your looking to throw a Ruikastu Party here's a list of song that will help set the mood.

1. San Franscico by Scott

This song might also be appropriate if you going to san franscico ;).

The Lyrics themselves are that sad But i find that this song has a sad undertone.

I first heard this song while watching this korean drama called The Innocent Man (Find The Full Drama On Drama Fever ) And its a pretty Good Drama....Very sad ...lots of twist and turns and just really really sad.

2. Loser By Big Bang

Big Bang Is Probably one (if not THE BEST) Kpop band out there. And With Lyrics like these :

"I curse the blue skies

Sometimes I wanna lay it all down


When I stop wandering at the end of this road

I hope I can close my eyes without regrets

Loser, loner

A coward who pretends to be tough

A mean delinquent

In the mirror, you’re JUST A LOSERA loner,

a jackass covered in scars Dirty trash

In the mirror, I’m a LOSER "

Its Kind of hard to keep dry eyes when you really get into it.

Also helps if you speak korean because 90% of the song is in korean.

3. Crier tout bas (Scream in a Wisper) by Cœur De Pirate

So this one right here is a french song and yeah,over all pretty depressing lyrics(btw 100 % of this song is in French so...).

" If the earth is dark, if the rain is drowning you Tell me just so we can shiver together If that day never comes during the night of the lost ones Tell me just so we can scream in a whisper "

4. Formidable by Stromae

If you already know about stromae,then you've probably heard his old song Alors on Dance(So We DAnce ) .Which was also pretty depressing but the song is so upbeat that if you werent a french speaker you wouldnt think much of it and just keep dancing to the most depressing lyrics you'll ever hear(which is what most poeple did when the song blew up).

But everything about this song right here is just sad,the setting ,the lyrics and the seemingly drunk stromae woobling around on raining train station.

" terrific,


You were terrific,

I was terrible,

we were terrific,


you were terrific,

I was terrible,we were terrific. "

( If you're going throught break up and you want to cry it out you might want to put on this song or at least read the english transaltion as you listen to it)

5. Lonely day By Systeme of a Down

" Such a lonely day And it's mine The most loneliest day of my life Such a lonely day Should be banned It's a day that I can't stand "

I feel like this song is just super relatable because well we've all had these type of days,where even when you in the middle of a crow you feel lonely.

6. Broken By Seether and Amy Lee

" I wanna hold you high and steal your pain 'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome And I don't feel right when you're gone away You've gone away, you don't feel me here anymore."

7. Im in here By Sia

"Can't you hear my call? Are you coming to get me now? I've been waiting for, You to come rescue me, I need you to hold, All of the sadness I can not, Living inside of me."

An other one relating to the lonely day/depressing days. Found this song a little bit after i moved to florida.Had it on repeat for a while.Yep.....

8. Melted by Akdong Musician

This South Korean Brother and Sister Duo, is signed and managed by the same company as Bigbang.I dont usually listen to them much but i heard a cover of this song from a kpop youtuber and decided to check out the original.

" I leave the darkness that finds my heart Even the cold shadow that covers the night starts to harden

If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold? "

9. Madone By Kyo

Kyo has been one of my Favorite (french) alternative rock band for a while now .I foind most of there song to be sag but i think this one takes the cake for me. The melody more then the lyrics gives me a sad vibes.It's actually kind of a Love song.

" If you have to go,

give your heart to science

We could find something to revive our senses

Some bursts of tears and nonchalance

A little bashfulness and a lot of indecency"

10. Elenor Rugby By the Beatles

I went throught a phase when i benged on Beatles music.

And i guess i was kind of taken a back by how dark this story was after listening to strawberry field and i want to hold you hand.

" Eleanor Rigby died in the church

and was buried along with her name Nobody came Father McKenzie wiping the dirt

from his hands as he walks from the grave No one was saved."

So Yea This is My Listen of Song you Could Use to Have a Rui-katsu Party.

So Grab Some Tissues For some Issues And Have Fun Letting Some of Them Feels Out.You'll Feel Much better after!

But You Know what Here's a Happy Song to Help you Get Your Mood Bck Up After the Party !


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