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I Was Offered A Ride By A Stranger!( Part 1)

I Had a lot of free time on my hands this weekend and I've been thinking about some random interesting things that i could write about it .And i'm not sure why they heck it took me this long to make a post about it but it's happening now so here it is i guess.

So about 2 years ago, back when i didn't have my car (Shout out to Bob, My trusty 2004 toyota rav4,You Da Man….Car !), i use to take the bus to school on Fridays. Well to be more specific, i use to Walk about 2 miles to the bus stop and then catch my first bus then cross the street to wait for the about 20-30 minutes to catch my second bus then finally get to my 3 hour math class….it was horrible.

Not going to turn this into a rant or pity party about how i had to walk in the rain and the hot Florida sun on Fridays for a whole semester... Its Was Horrible but anyways let's move it along.

First i would like to say that i am not a...well i don't show a lot of you can't blame what happened on that Friday on what i was wearing.I’m usually a loose t shirt ,jeans and sneakers kind of gal...i mean i'll wear shorts on hot days but not like booty shorts...anyway!!! I wasn't dressed like I was someone special,it was a slump days for me.

So on that Friday, after 3 hours of (sleeping) through my math class,i hopped on to my first bus and made it to my 2nd bus stop.So at that point had to wait like 25-30 minutes for my 2nd bus usually that bus stop is pretty chill.I always see the same faces waiting with me.In the corner of my eye ,I noticed this grey-use car pulling up at the plaza that was near my bus stop.Some random dude hopped out of his car,all smiles trying to walking like he was trying to impress some body. I stated thinking

“oh he must be here to puck some one up like he spotted on of his friends standing here and stops to give them a nice”

He started slowing down when he got near my personal bubble. So i start reaching for my machete in my bag like broh i don't know you, you getting to close,you bout to get diced into little piece...Just kidding i dint do that i don't own a machete ...Yett.

So he got really close and said “ Hey , you need a ride?”

I stepped back a little and squinted my eyes;i took a good look at him. im thinking maybe I know him.Because i can be crazy forgetful so i might know this guy from somewhere...

After 2 sec,I decided to stop trying because i was pretty darn sure i did not know this dude. So i stepped back a little more ; I mean this due could have been Could Be a Kidnapper,A Rapist ,A Pedophile!!!This is why I've been watching horror movies all my life!!

So i answered “Humm no…”

He started chatting me up & the sweet taking all while i’m sending “HELP ME !!!” signals with my eyes to the people standing with me at the bus stop.They did nothing.most of them were looking away or staring at there phones.

He goes quiet for a bit and then asks again .. “so i can drop you off at you house if you want”

So i answer again “ No, dude i don't know you”

And he hits me back with “ What do you mean we just talked , and you go to PBCC(my old school) right,i use to go there…blah blah blah blah blah”

I didnt even hear the rest of that sentence,i started flipping out in my head “HOW THE HECK DOES HE KNOW THIS!!!!????Has this fool been following me sence there!!"

Then I start thinking about new places i could hide out in between my classes so that if...IF this Mofo decided he was going to come to PBCC to look for me i would be nowhere to be FOUND! #ninja

At that point, i was kind ready to throw down....Like Who thinks that OK?Who in their right mind would think that it was ok to (try to) pick up a random girl at a bus stop and say “hey let me take you home girl?”

No! Just No!

After rambling on and on about something i was paying attention to he asked again;

"My car is right there i could give you a ride home ,you don't have to take the bus."

So i answered " No"

Then He just stood there and waited like i was going to change my mind.

So after like 3-4 more minutes of sweet talking my bus started showing up; i turned my head like the bus pulling up to the bus stop sign was the most interesting thing in the world.

(Which now that i think about it i probably should have kept an eye on him,just in case)

I popped my ear buds back on and hopped on the bus like the sidewalk was lava.

The whole ride to my next stop, i was just looking out the window making sure this dude didn't follow the bus to the next stop.

And He didn't But just in case i had two backup plans in case he did follow the bus.

The first plan Involved me going into the nearest McDonald's and hid out in the bathroom till someone could pick me up.

The second plan involved me using my house keys to shank the hell out of this fool the minute i saw him...because I'm not about that Come-In-My-CAR-Litte-Girl-Life. I watched waaaaaay too many horror movies to be the opening girl,nah I'm a final girl.i flipping survive!

I'll freaking Shrank A Dude if i have to!

I can think of two other incidents that occurred at that same bus stop but I'll just save those for another day.


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