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How to Make Haitian Style Tteokbokki

I woke up today to two phone calls cancelling my plans for the day so i decided to make some Tteokbokki.If you’re familliar with kpop or korean culture or korean cuisine you probably know about Tteokbokki but just in case you don’t;Tteokbokki is basicly a popular korean food made with soft rice cake ,fish cake and sweet red chili sauce.It's commonly purchased from street vendors .Any way, i decided to make my own version of the tteokbokki ,A Haitian version =)

So Here's what I Used;


4 cups of water

A couple of Shrimps

1 Dried Anchovies

1 Carrot

A whole garlic Stub


¼ of a Maggi

2 Spicy Peppers

½ a Lemon

Soy sauce

Oyster Sauce

Bell Pepper

Tomato paste

1 Hard Boiled Egg

A Bag of Pre-made Tteokbokki

Tools :


A "Pilon" or A Blender


A Pot

Step 1

4 Cups Of Water

Add Chopped Carrots

Add Chopped Dried Anchovies

Add Shrimp.

So First i started off with adding 4 cups of water in a pot and letting it boils for 5-ish minutes on high swich to medium when adding The chopped Carrots ,Shrimp And Dried Anchovies.

Step 2

Add Some "Epis".

(Spice Mixture Of garlic,bell pepper,

spicy pepper, 1/4 of a maggi.)

There are many things you will find in a Haitian Household that you will not find in typical american household but for this particular post if just going to mention one. The “ Pilon” which is used to make “Epis”.I know i'm throwing a lot of foreign words at you guys let me break its down.

An Pilon Is one of these.

And we use it to smash stuff together.

Stuff Like Garlic, Bell Peppers,Spicy Pepper,Salt and Maggi.(a Bouillon cube) and it’s called “Epis”

If you don't have a Pilon ,you could go online and get you one or just use a blender.

So Yeah drop that into the boiling water and stir that Mofo.

Step 3

Boil Eggs On the Side

This step is optional but to get the full experience boil that eggs of the side.

Step 4

Taste the Sauce and add Salt ,Lemon and Soy Sauce As needed

The Maggi in the should have provided you with the right amount of salt you needed

But just in case it didn't.Add some according to your own taste.

Step 5

Add The tomato Paste ( How much ?Maybe like 2 regular Spoon fulls)

And Stir for about 1 minute

Then Add Pre Made Rice cakes

Add the Hard Boiled egg(s)

Let Boil for 3 more minute of medium or until you feel hungry enough to get to it.

Step 6

Pig Out !


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