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Wondering Around : Green Cay Nature Center

I Have an Exam to study for, a handfull of errands to run and not enough money for a proper trip to the mall, but still Adventure calls...or more specificly nature calls.

A couple of days earlier my friend Danielle Hits me up to hang out on that day.So i took her up on the offer.We ran a couple of errands stopped by a couple of places harrassed her sister at work leaving a creepy note on her car then finally we went to the Green Cay Nature center.

I;ve been to the nature center before but only breifly with the children i work with.I never really got a change to get to see the whole thing.

The Green Cay Nature Center is basicly a nice park with Rabits,Turtles,Bird and Gators...(or were they crocodiles) running loose.(Im playing they are not really running loose there a rail seperating us from the wild life.)

We didnt get lucky ennought to see a gator( or maybe crocodiles, im pretty sure they were gators,so lets go with that) that day but still got some pretty Bomb Pictures.


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