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I wish i got kidnapped

Somewhere in central Asia,in the little Republic of Kyrgyzstan a Young woman is taken by a man, and forced into a marriage.

Yes i know, its 2015.And Bride kidnapping is still happening.

Despite that fact that it is illegale,its the most common way of finding a wife.

They call it "Ala Kachuu " Meaning to "To take and flee".

Let that sink in for a minute If you are a young woman, you cant just walk around freely, you have walk around worring about whether or not you will be abducted and forced into a marriage with a man that you may or may not know.

So let me break this down for you.

Boy sees/meets Girl. Boy wants Girl. But Boy isnt going to ask girl to go out on a date or talk to girl (nah that to much work) Boy is going to get some of his male friends together And Boy is going to kidnappe girl Girl is going to scream,Cry ,and try to fight. But Girl is outnumbered Boy Takes her to his house

But wait if girl escape before she actually enters his household she wont have to marry him (according to tradition) But Girl is outnumbers remember so her chances of escaping before then are slim or none.

Inside of Boy's House ,Girl is greeted by the female familly memebers (Boy's mother,Aunts,Sisters,Cousins) Girl is locked into a room with them and until she agrees to marry Boy they will not stop trying to convence her.

Girl could escape still,she could grab her phone and call for help.

But if she does,she will be a discrace. Having Entered a man's household, Her poeple,her familly,her friends will see her as "used" goods. And her life will take a turn for the worst,if she doesnt end it(like so many do)


Things like this make me angry and im not saying that hate & violence is the answers here but ... if i lived in Kyrgyzstan... Mmmmmm I wish a "gentlemen" would,

i wish he would.(that's all im saying)

( in case you couldnt tell by my tone

i would totally "Hurt" a fool for

kidnapping me or anyone else i loved)

No one should have to go throught that.


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