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Book List #1 : The Cry List

Hey, Here's a couple of books you should read.

(If you looking for a good cry.)

#5 Elenor and Park

By Rainbow Rowell

So this book right here,isnt a "cry yourself to sleep"Type of book ,but more like a "i might be coming down with the flu sniffles" type of book.(But only if your kind of a softy.If your a tuffythen you probably just come out of this book with just a gentle heartack.)This book tells the story of two relatable misfits whose love story will leave you aching for more.

#4 Tenderness

By Robert Cornier

This is a love story.

A twisted love story between a convicted sociopath serial killerand a strange15 year old girl.The ending gives this book a solid "cry in the shower " rating.

#3 Everything I Never Told You

By Celest Ng

This book right here is the kind of book that will take you for an emotional bike ride.Dealing with issues such as familly,race,love and death,i dout you'll be able to keep your eyes dry by the end of this book.All i can tell you is that "Lydia is Dead,But they dont know it yet."

#2 13 Reasons Why

By Jay Asher

The Main Character of this bookcould barly keep it together by the end of this book.I dount you will be able to .Clay Jenson receives a mysterious package from his dead classmate,Hannah Baker,Who gives him 13 reasons why she killed herself.Great Book with an Great message.But you might have to wait till its darkor till you all alone in a secret location if you want to keep your street rep. intact.

#1 Impulse

By Ellen Hopkins

Hopkins is a very mean Lady i tell youBriliant and and one of my absolute Favorite writier out therebut oh so so so very mean. She build up these characters and makes you feel for them and then just takes away the small ray of hope you had them at the very last minute.This one right here will make you feel like youve lost a friend to suicide.

(you might need couseling after this one)

So..yeah,that's all i got..

for now at least.


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