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I really wanted to be a Native American.

Im not saying that i dont like being Haitian, (sometime i dont,but that for an other story) But i really want to be native american right now.

more specifically a part of the Ho-Chunk tribe.

Why you ask ? Because 200,000 USD thts why!

Its Called 18 Money.

When Some of the kids from The Ho-Chunk Nation Graduate,

If they are more they are at least 1/4 Ho-chunk

they are given 200,000$.

(my mouth is just salivating thinking about all the ice cream i could buy with that money)

I once won 3rd place on a national drawing contest in haiti when i was in the 3rd grade i got 500 haitian gourdes i think and a shirt. I baught nothing but ice cream with that money.

But Maybe its for the best,

I wasnt meant to have that 200K,

i mean i dout diabetes would look good on me.

(because i would buy all the ice cream that money could buy

forget college! forget my credit card dept! forget life!

i would dive into that ice cream like a doldphin)


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