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I was "Cat-Called" at Walmart

So Yesterday i had to go fill in for my friend at work around 12:30 ish (Ish because being punctuale was optional since i was doing them a favor by showing up at all,twas my day off after all) So i decided to pick up some art supplies at walmart for a fun little activity i could do with the kids.

I get out of my car and start walking toward the entrance, as i am walking this old man ( white old dude with grey hair and a white mustache) just (semi) Yells at me:"Smile,You looks Beautifull.And its a Beautifull Day!" I was kinda thrown off guard.

When i go into public places i try to have the smallest amout of human interaction possible. (i dont like poeple that much),(I have issues,ill tell you about them later)

So when he just (semi) Yelled at me out of nowhere,i just got weirded out.

Then i just sorta smiled and said "Oh thank you." I was still kinda dazed because thats never really happend to me (With an old man at Walmart). I went on my way regretting that i didnt bring my earphones.( the ultimate human repeller) I got my supplies and i headed over to the aisle( i hade to google how to write aisle) with the water bottles. So got my bottle of water and as i'm walking out of the aisle( still cant beleive thats how you spell that word) , this other old man ( brown-maybe spanish maybe black-dude with a thick accent ) just goes " wow you just ...beautifull" I flashed him a smile and said "thank you"

At that point i think i almost started to beleive it,

because there was a certain pep to my steps.

When I got into my car and i looked in the mirror and i still couldnt see it.

But hey if two old men thought i was pretty...or beautifull (is there even a difference) today, i must not be as busted as i thought i was.


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