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I Met ( Proposed to ) Enrique Iglesias

So today (monday 12th) during my cognition class,we were talking about long term memory and my professor decided to share with us one of her childhood memories; its really more like a memory that always seems to come back to hunt her when ever she hears an Enriques Iglesias Song somewhere.

So she explained to us that she went to a private highschool somewhere in miami, where freshman had to walk around bean bags on there head for a week or so, and if a senior caught you with the bean bag off you head they could make you do whatever.

So it just happend that she dropped her bean bag and got caught. The senior who found her dared her to do it.

She walked over to Enriques.Got on One knee and Proposed to Him.

She got so embarrased,she got up and ran away before he even answered.

(he could have said yes)

I know ....the title says that time when I met/Proposed to enriques.

Your probably thinking "That's hella misleading Broh *insert Stale face here * " Well the way i figured is that sence i know her(my prodessor) i have some indirect link to Enriques so in some sort of Weird way i actually met/know him.

Ok i admit saying i proposed to him is a bit of a stretch but that's why its between parentheses

...dhun. So technicaly i didnt really "lie" ,I kinda Sorta,Met/know him.

(thats my story and im sticking with it )


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