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Wedding Season

BuzzFeed Has Never Been So Right!!!

It Might Not Be wedding season as of now (december). Or is it?

Well,The states that the "deep" winter months -- January, February, and March -- are the least popular for weddings (June, August, September, and October are the most popular, but December has been gaining fast because of the holidays).

But im at that point of my life, where a lot of my peers seem to be getting

shakkled....i mean engaded.

So Personaly i think wedding season is when you get to the age of 22 or closer to the mid 20's.Thats When IT Begins.

Ps:Im not against weddings(by all means poeple get maried ,pop out babies ,grow old together),I just dont like 'em.

Or more specificaly i dont like the idea of it being the standard for happyness For everybody.(its not all one size fit all guys).Its Not An Obligation.

Its Just Not For Everybody.


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