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I Got Remembered

So I Was Derping Around H&M...( By Derping I Mean Handling serious Bussiness)(And By Handling Serious Bussiness i mean Blowing My Paycheck)

When I saw this dude at the Register...I never really forget faces but i do forget names and well where i know poeple from.

So i spend like 15 minutes walking around H&M ,Trying on Clothes,and thinking about where the Heck i know this guy from.

I was starting at the bags when i figured it out.

I took a Speech class with this Dude.

By that time i was already done.

I found what i needed and discared what i didnt need.

When ever i see some one i know,but never really talked to or became friends with;I just automaticaly assume they dont remember me or never noticed me.

So Im standing in the line waiting to get checked out and im debating whether or not i should say something like .

"Hey ,Fancy seeing You here."


"Oh My What a smal World,Do you remember me"

My Brain Just goes into Dark Mode (That ugly voice in my head that brings me down when it starts talking i just go dark ) And that voice kicks in and says

"Dont do it,If he says he remembers you...he'd be lying...

Dont embarrase yourself ...

Say Nothing!"

When i get to the front of the line and hand over my black Grey Sweater.

He Says"Hey Hows it going ?Your Were in My speech Class right ?"

"Oh Yeah,You remembered."(Be cool Kerren,Be Cool Dont say anything weird)

"Yeah,You did your speech on how much you liked Horror movies and an other one on Cults and stuff"

"Yep that was me.You still at PBCC?"

"Yeah its My Last sememster,Trying to get out of there ASAP"

"Haha Thats what everybody Says"

"Yeah,...That'll be 25.99..."

I Hand him my card who seems to be screaming "Nooooooooooooooo"(it was a good deal thoe idk why she was being such a baby about it )

I walked out of H&M Feeling Like a Boss.

1. Because I was Remembered

2. Because (i Think) I Got Good Deal For my Sweater

3. Because I dint Say Any stupid (I know because i reviewd the convo in my head several times to check)

Im probably not going to show up at that H&M (at that perticular time ever again for fear of having to conversate with him again) (I did good that one time no use trying my luck again)

But Yeah , It was nice to be remembered.


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