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I Thought I was Going Crazy

So I'm sitting in My favorite (not so secret) Hiding Spot studying,

for my social Psycho exam,With My EarPhones (Human Repellant Device) On.

(Just in case some one got to friendly up in here and tried to have a conversation )

I was Studying,so the music wasn't on.So Anyways...

And All the sudden I heard this Creepy loud moan that sounded a bit like Chubaka (Idk how to spells his name)

And It Was Coming from the hallway across from where i was sitting (Refer to drawing)

I look around and see two security officers walking towards that hallways.

There was like 3-4 other people sitting across from me...None of them reacted.

I hear the Lound ChewBaka Moan Again.

I raise my head and look around the other poeple sitting across from me and reaction.

"Like Really ...yall just gonna didn't hear this creepy *Behind* Sound coming from that hallway...Like really

Yall Just gonna pretend i'm crazy ???"

Fast Forward to 3 minutes (or so ) later

A professor that was walking thought the area ask an other professor that was coming out of the creppy hallway

"Everything Ok over there?"

The Professor that come from the Creepy Hallways Responded with a head shake.

Next thing you know two other man waering black come in with a stretcher,and head toward the creepy hallway.

Another 10 to 15 Minutes later

the security guard ,the man in black and a couple of other people walked out of the hallway with a girl strapped to the stretcher barely moving.

Again looking around the hallway,None of the kids seemed to be fased.

They Just Kept there Head Buried in there Book/laptops/notebooks.

What if This Was All In My Head ?

What is I was really crazy and all of these words that i'm writing right now

are just Gibberish...

*Insert Inception Theme Song*


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