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3 Reasons Why You should Read The Book Thief

Here Is 3 Good Reasons Why You Should Read The Book Thief.

1 . Germain Curse words from the WW2 era.

Throught Out the book, Rosa Huberman,a strick yett loving Germain foster mother to the newly abandoned Liesel;Continuasly droppes S-Bombs.Not the four letter long kind of S-BombsBut the Kind of S-bombs that you drop on your loved ones as an endiring sign of love and some time pure agrivation (In Germain).If you Want to broaden you Cursing Vocabulary with some S-Bombs and Some A-Bombs;The book thief is the Book to go to.

2.A Look Into Deaths Line Of Work

Althought the Main characters of the book thief are live humains,the narator himself is not.In Fact, He is Death Himself.In the midst of telling us about the events in the life of liesel,we get a rare glimps into the line of work that inpires fear amoug the living.Althought i doupt there will be any opening for this perticular job andy time soon,this is the next best thing.You get a rare glimps into the "life" of Death,at a time where you could day he worked over time.(for about 6 years and 1 day) (That how long the 2nd world war lasted).

3.Beautifull Writing

In All Honesty I dont think i've ever read such beatifull writing.Death is the most poetic host you could ever imagine to have guiding you throught this story filled with happyness and tragedies.Althought foreign to the emotions themselves Death Captures the Humanity ,the inocent and the sadness of a time when business was booming.In The End,Our Host leaves us with the most perfect quote that could described the state of some of the habitants of the world at that moment in time ."I am haunted by humans"

And Also Have you Napkins ready for the ending.

You've been warned.


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