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I Figured Out I was A "Kerren"

I'm at this point of my life where a lot of my peer are going through this self

defining adventure where they have to "Find" themselves and figure out what it

is that they were meant to do, and what label they should wear on their instagram


And I think its awsome.The Fact that you even to be looking for yourself

and to try to figure yourself out as a young adults,

to built yourself and to shift your focus from what your parents

believe in and think is proper and find out for yourself what you believe in and

what is right or proper for you.

And if your a christian or if you were brought up in a christian Home it also means

to find God for yourself.Not to be told about about him and to get dragged to church.

But to build your own relationship with him and to seek him not out of obligation but out

of Love.

Ive gone through my own little "Finding Myself" adventure and this is what i came up with.

I Am A Kerren

I let my name define me.

The world is gonna through lots of labels at you.

Hipster,emo,thug,Diva,Cat Lady,weirdo,Drama queen....ect

But Here's the thing...

You dont Have to pick any of them,you dont have to Not Pick any of them.

You are one of a kind.And You didnt Come out with a Label or manual.

So you have to Figure yourself out and make your own rules.

Never feel like you have to take on certain labels to make yourself "Hip"

or down with the "cool" crowed.(Loll)

I chose my name as my label because...well because i wanted to and so i did.

Because i needed something that could take on any definition of i want it to.

I am A Kerren and that can mean anything i want it to meant.

So when or If your going through you own little "Finding Myself" adventures.

Just Remember this:

You make the rules!

You can let you name be your label.

or Your can pick a trendy Label.

Its anything YOU want it to be.

*Drop the mic and walks away,with cool explosions in the Back*


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