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If Its Thursday,I Must Be In Boston

If Its Thursday Night, I must be in Boston. Or at least I'm on my way to boston.

Well technicaly its still wedsnesday afternoon, this post is going to publish it self, while i roam around the Logan Airport at 9 pm.

Im not saying im scared,

buuuuut i am going to be leaving a note behind in the event that i dont make it out of Boston and NYC Alive.

Not Hating on You Northeners but....You are all crazy. Thats is all. (im just kidding)

Peace Out & Pray that i dont get lost for to long.

(because i will get lost there no way around that,Just pray that i dont stay lost for to long because then i'll get tired and just give up and just sit right where i happend to be -sidwwalk-street-bathroom-halleyway-wherever)

#PrayForKerr ?

K Bye


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