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Because It's Saturday Night And I Should Be Studying

Well thanksgiving break is right around the corner and i thought i could have held off on writing an other post on here until i finished my exams but....meh.

My plan was to study throught this weekend for my last exam but social psychology is pretty easy...and i know i shouldnt... but im probably im going to wing it.

(and if you a high schooler reading this, by winging it i mean" totaly study for it" stay in school Kids)

Any ways its raining out here is Florida And i'm stuck home (watching tv, cleaning my room, washing my hair , writing a blog post),doing everything i shouldnt be doing on a weekend before an exam.

To match this gloomy weather i've been listening to this Vine dude's soundcloud music. If you've been following me on Instagram @Kerrblogs. You've problably seen the short video i posted on him.( he goes by Ollie MN on Vine) Anyways if you have nothing better to do on a rainy or lazy Day Go give him a listen? Click Here

My Favorite track so far is Lost & Quiet Rooms ,Tell Me Yours?

Enough of this Procastinating, I dont want to become a stripper or a Bum, so going to go "back" to studying now.


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