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How to Get Over Depression

So One Of My friends Ended Up With a severe case of the downers.

So i did some research and made her a little get well list thingy.

So I figured i could share it with you.

1. Sleep

8 hours of Sleep!

According to a lot of other website is cant remember right now,

Depression typically Involves Sleep problems;

To little or too Much of it Hurts the vibes.

So get 8 hours of Sleep.

Set Up Your Alarm Clock right Now I'll Wait....



2. Exercice


Go out into the world and get some sunlight.

If you're like me it might take you a while

to get into it...

#LazyLife #SorryNotSorry #JustKeepTrying

Just remember you don't have to become an olympian

over night but just walking around the block on the regular in the morning

or at night (only in safe neighborhoods)

schould be good enough.

Other exercises you could do

- Walking

- Yoga

- Bike Riding

* If you want to become an olympian overnight

go for it.But Safely i guess

3.Daily Meditation

Try 30 minutes to 1hr.

or Just however long you want to meditate for.

Just take a minute or two to stop everything you are doing

and just be.

Just take in your here and now and fill it with good vibes.

Feel you brain with good thought,happy memories or

just silence.

* Go to the land of Youtube and You'll find

many guided meditation videos.

*Also Remember to shout out the Big Man Upstairs,

For all the things that are right in you life

and the many things that will go right



If you a college student that always on the go,

driving from school to work and work to other work.

You know how hard it is to Eat "healthy".

But You gotta do it!

First Cut The Soda or Pop Out of your vocab

and Conjugate the verb WATER.


Stay Clear of the Junk Food and

Mingle with All the Fruits And Vegetables.


Set Yourself Some goals!

Everyday when you wake up Make a list of all the things

you need to get done, in oder to get to

What ever it is you want to do in Life.

Then Include the Things you Want to do,

as a reward on that same list.

Could Be to buy yourself a book Or to Dive into the

a Tub of Ice cream.(its whatever you want to do.)

6.Other things

Find An Adventure,An Get On It!

Go Out Into the world

and find yourself a secret spot to call your own.

Go Find a Beach you can Go Sit By and Listen to music

Or Just Drive to the Next Town and Get Lost for A while!

7.Talk To A Friend

Probably the Most Important One On the List.

Just Talk to A friend.

Find that one friend that makes you feel alright and

just reach out,If you feel comftable enought tell them

about you depression.

*If you Have no Friends

Subscribe and We Can Be Friends :)


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