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I Fell In Love With Florida

I Wont Lie,When We first moved here,I Faught the idea of Calling Florida Home.

The Idea of Living in a place as disfunctional as Florida aggrivated me to the core...I Mean really the weater,the buss systeme, and omg some of these drivers out here...Lord Have mercy!HORRIBLE!

But Its Home. And There is a lot wrong with florida and Just America as a whole But You cant Let these Flaws Over shadown the Beauty is of it all.

To be Honest Right Now I just Cant Get Enought Of Florida.

I made a decision not to Wait till The New Year To Make A resolution,Im just Making One right Now.(Because i i am )

Im Going to Explore More And Stress Less About All those Things that are so terribly wrong with florida.

After Church,Today I took a quick drive around Ocean Avenue and Here are some of the pictures i took.

I mean really ,I live where poeple vacation.Its about time i start taking advantage of that.

So Have An Awsome Sunday & Go Out There And Explore More

(without Getting Killed Of Course)


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