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Story Time #1: Eyes Set On Me.

Walking into my apartment,on a rainy friday night;the only things on my mind were the cans of beer.i've left in the fridge last night.Setting my wet bag and coat on the floor,I walk to the kitchen to collect my reward for having to deal with the idiots of the world for yet another day.

I grab my companions for the night and set them on the coffee table in the living room.

I never liked drinking in silence.So before i body slamed my sofa, i open the radio and set it on a channel playing on trendy generic hypster noise.

Two Cans of Beers latter,my cell phone rings.

It was Laura.

"So how buzzed are you?"

"I Answered your phone preeeeee...tty buzzed."

"Oh gosh...i really dont think you should be drinking after what happend.You shoudld be ..."

I interrupted her with something that sounded like a slurred giggle.

"well there's nothing i can do's too late for me to don't worry your little face"

"I'm coming over"

"Oh please no"

"Mel!im worried about you.After what happend today you should be resting.Not getting drunk.Im Coimng Over."

"Don't bother.I wont get up to open the door...and you're right i should be resting...and that what i'm about to do.

And cannot "rest" if you come over and nag me.

All that'll do is make me wish i actually go hit by idiot on the road..."

"Gosh...don't say stuff like that..."

She releases a heavy sigh and say nothing for a while.

In an alcohol induced stupor,I couldn't think of anything else to say but;

"You know what i just realised...realised...?"

Not waiting for her response i go on."My place smells like cool mint."

"what ?what do you mean?"

"you know that cool minty fresh feeling you get after brushing you apartment,it smells like that"

"i don't even know how to respond to that...did you step on tooth paste or something

or are you being haunted by a tooth brush?"

Setting my forth can down on the table ,i followed my nose and tried to find the source of the scent.

I followed it to my room.

"what are you doing now "Laura said breaking the silence.

"I following the trail.Im Indervestigating the mysterious minty cool odor"

"You mean investigating..."She let out another sigh.

"Oh the window’s open"

"Oh gosh, it's 50 degrees of there,close it before you get a cold on top of your hangover."

I dont have the greatest memory but i don't recall ever opening that window.i never open the windows

"Did you close it ?"

Snapping out of my train of thought,I push the window down.

"Yes mother."

The freshness was gone.the room was still cool and still minty. But it felt different.

"Listen sis.I have to go.The richards just came back with the kids.Stop Drinking,Get some rest ok?

I'll come by tomorrow.Alright?"

Still staring at the window,i don't to reply.

"Alright!?" She screamed into the phone

"ALright!Alright! Im hanging up now!"

"Love you..."

I hang up before she demanded a proper goodbye.

Letting go of it all,i flopped into my bed and let my covers engulfed me.

Several minutes later, still feeling uneasy about the window i turn my back to it to face the open bathroom door.

And when my eyes adjusted to the darkness,the silhouette of a man sitting on my toilet came into view.

He had his elbow to his knees and his minty green eyes set on me.

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