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20 Reasons Why I Might Hate You

*First Off ,I would Just like to Say that i am not a Hateful person,but there are certain things that people do and are that i just cant help but to hate.*

So Here a list Of the reasons Why i might Hate you!

1. You Gave me a speeding ticket.

2. You Don’t Like Cat.

(if you allergic i might hate you less,but stil shame on you.)

3. You Lie.(a lot).

4. You Tell the truth too much.

(No body likes a Goody Two Shoes)

5. You've tried to convert me into Your lifestyle/Religion/or worst of all VEGANISM! 6. You held the door open for me when i was way to far , and made me have to do that awkward run/walk thing so that you don't end up having to hold the door for me for a really too long.

7. You made too much eye contact with me.

(its just weird,if you do this.Just Dont.ok?)

8. You’ve said “What are thooooooooose”

9. You own and ride a hover or rolly board thingy.

(I hate if so much when i have to walk to class

and you poeple just roll by me without breaking a sweat.

Its just not fair.)

(& yes i know im being salty/bitter/sour )

10. You made me spend money.

( I like my money.Dont make me spend it.)

11. Borrowed something from me and Never returned it.

(PS:If its a...oh lets say 2 Twilling books or maybe even A Cat Women Video Game;Im lowkey still salty about not getting it back)

12. You are Vegan/Vegetarian

(No,just no!)

13. You Write Paragraphs upon paragraphs For every facebook update. (when fb asked what's on your mind you really don't have to tell us every single thing that is on you mind.)

14. You wear shoes that hurt you feet.

(It hurt me to see it hurt you.I Cant explain it but It Just Does.So stop Hurting Me!)

15. You're a bad Driver.

16. You’re a vegan/vegetarian!!

(Still Just NO!!!)

17. You Hate Cats!!

(you just inhuman if you don't like cats)

18. You are Overly Friendly.

19. You a hoe.

(It's Nothing Personal ,But Chris Brown Says Yall aint Loyal.)

20. You're Not Subscribed to My Blog

(shameless i know.I Regret Nothing.I Had to say it.)

So If you are one of these people ,No hard feelings right ? How about you try being less Hateable, And I try to Hate you less?Ok ?Ok.

K Bye


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