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I Was Called An A-hole!

I Shouldn't have taken my Headphone(human repellants) Off,even if i was just in the parking lot and my chances of having to engage in a social interaction were significantly lowed then if i were inside the mall.

I shouldn't have know better and just kept them on.

But If i had kept them on,i wouldn't be as amused as i am now.

So little ol me is walking out of the mall,heading towards my car in the parking lot,and i see this car backing up ,so i stop and let it back up before i go on my merry way.

The (probably high school aged) dude in the passenger seat says:

“Have a Goodnight”

At that point i’m kind of taken a back because i wasnt expecting it i guess.

So i think i made a

“ Like Is he talking to me?

Do i know you from somewhere?” Face.

Part of my brain was just trying to process what he said (because i wasnt fully paying attention ) and why he said it;

The other part of my brain was just screaming “RUN THIS FOOL IS TO FRIENDLY!”

And as the drivers was about to pull away , i think he was just waiting for an answer but when he didnt get it, he just spits back ; “Rude.”....and as the car drives, away he says again in a more elevated voice “A-Hole!!!”.

I just kept walking but at the same time i’ just giggling on the inside.

Like,Dude do i know you ?

Why are you talking to me ?

Do i owe you some words?

Like,do i look like someone you know?

The whole drive home ,i was just thinking.

Does that really make me A-Hole?

And this little exchange kind of reminded me of these stories you hear about girls being approached by some random dudes on the street like :

“Hey Ma’ Can i get you number?”

And when the girl would say No.

They respond with the “Whatever,you was Ugly Anyways!” line.

I’m surprisingly not even pissed or like choked (or maybe a little bit choked) but Mostly just Amused by that whole exchange.

But really Thoe does that make me an A-hole?

- Kerr

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