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10 Types Of Students You'll Sit Next To In College !

So here i am hanging out with my friend in a study room,talking about how much i hate my 8 am Bio Bases of Psychology class.dont get me wrong i love the subject matter,i mean really i love studying for this class but i cant deal with amount of poeple in the class...its just that every single seat is filled and it a pretty big lecture hall. Ijust hate that i can never find a sit thats not all the way in the front or in between two strangers if i'm 5 minutes late.But i digress having sufered a full month of playing musical chairs in this class ,i've sat next to a lot of different poeple.So heres a list of a couple of students you'll sit next to in class:

1. The Sleeper

They come to class with pajamas and half open eye lids.I Sat next to a lot of these in the past month,most of the time they come with breakfast and there morning coffee.Someof the them dont they just fall right back to sleep after attendance.I like sit next to the sleepers usaully they are pretty chill and laid back up and well just not awake...but then everything changes when they start snorring .

I cant figure out what to do when they start snoring...Do i wake them up ?Do i pretend not to hear ? Do i Play Dead and Hop no one is expecting me to do something about the snorring ?Do i Spontanuasly conbust out of anxiety ?or do i grab there backpack and gently press it into there face while humming a lullaby ?

2. The Lound Breather

I honestly cant deal with loud breathers.

Like I know your a live you dont have to proove,I beleive you....i beleive you.

3. The On the edge of a nervous break down

I sat next to one of those and almost ended up having an anxiety attack.They tap there feet to a nerve wreking beat and look like there about to break.When i'm squished in between a two strangers and you sit right there taping your feet to that infectious beat.I Just cant Take it! I get it! College is Hard and The Stress Level In You is Incredibly Real But stop Taping your feet !Your draging Me DOwn WIth You!

4. The copy machine

Every Week I Get An Email From those type of student."Hey I'm missed class last week.Could any one send me the class notes.I would really appriciate it"I Dont mind the Copy Machines but i never really email any one of them back just because my notes are pretty all over the place and i dount they would get it.

5. The Pintrest Girl

The Pinstrest Girl Is always a joy to see .Walks into class with her vera bradley backpack and a cup of startbuck coffe and a valley girl accents.Best part is when she puls out her grey mac book from her bag and scrolls up and down on pintrest for the whole durationg of the class.

6. The Kid

I'm Never quite sure if he's in college or just a dual enrollement student.The Baby Face is strong with these type of poeple.

7. The Troffy Husband

You've already picked out the names of you future children ,the date and location for your wedding with this guy but you dont know his name...Yeah that guy. He is just beautifull and majestic like a manly unicorn but when he opens his mouth he sounds like a donkey. Its either complet B.S or just the stupidest question coming out his mouth.And it's such a shame because you dont have the kind of money to get him as a stroffy husband.But still the buns on that manly unicorn are to hot to stop day dreaming about him when you sit next to him.

8. The Texter

They Show up to class get there note books out and you'de think they would be taking notes...Nahhh...They Just text.Thats it.

9. The stuck up/Teachers Pet

That one kid in high school who keeps reminding the teacher to collect the homework.Yeah that kid...but now he/she is in college now,And still likes to remind the teacher about the assignements they forgot to collect.

10. The Ghost.

Love 'em. You'll never notice them in class till the day you have an exam.

They help with the depopulation of severaly conjested class room.

Gotta Love 'em.


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