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Day 5: Do Something You Love!

Day 5 Of the Happiness Challenge.

One words to describe my day : Pretty Good.

If i could use a color to describe my day it would be : Grey-ish Light bleu.

If i could use a song to describe it I would be :

bleachers's i wanna get better

Today’s Challenge: Do Something You Love!

Today I went On a Bit of a Road trip.

I drove to fort Lauderdale to return something i borrowed.

Then i turned off my gps to try to find my own way home.I got lost a couple of time and i loved it.

Not saying that i love to get lost but the fact that i didn't have to rush anywhere was relaxing.

I was just driving around aimlessly with the thought that if i found an interesting mural or an interesting coffee place on the way i would stop and just enjoy the view.

I didn't go as far as to think about getting out of the car and walk around or into a coffee shop by myself.

I know for sure i would have been soaked in cold sweat if i even entertained the thought of it.

After my little adventure in fort lauderdale i found my way back home.

Where i stayed for the rest of the day and watched every horror movie in my growing collection.

Afterwards i ended up watching the latest Paranormal Activity Movie on "Netflix".

the movie could have been worst i guess.I wasnt completly impressed but it was alright.

Spoiler Alert/ Sidenote: I really Thought they were gonna live at the end but oh well.


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