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Day 8 : Things i Love

Day 8 of the Happiness Challenge

One word to describe my day : VeryNostagic

If i could use a color to describe my day it would be : Happy Grey

If i could use a song to describe it I would be :

Yohanne Dore By my side

Stuff I did Today:

Watched a butt load of Haitian music videos from my childhood;

i cringed at the bad one, cried at the Good one

And Laugh At the bad/good ones.

Today’s Challenge:

Take A Picture of Something(s) You Love

So Here is the (incomplete) Picture List Of thing(s) that i love

1. My Job

I Just love that i get to color,do arts and craft and get paid for it.

2. Pizza

(one of my favorite foods)

And By the Way I just find out that they sell papaJohn's pizza At FAU.

3. Wondering Around

With My Pet Rubber Duck.

(btw Her Name is Donna)

4. The Library

I Just Love the Library Like really ,its quiet and filled with beautifull books.

5. Eyes

I Had a bit of an obsession with eyes back in high school(not nesseraly mine).

I just think there pretty & Intresting.

6. Just About Every Movies Hayao Miyazaki has ever been involved in.

Today I was Happy Because:

I had Nothing But Good Memories in Mind,the Bad ones Stayed away.


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