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Day 9:Didnt Cha Know,Didnt Cha Know...

Day 9 of the Happiness Challenge

One word to describe my day : Lovely

If i could use a color to describe my day it would be : Purple

If i could use a song to describe it I would be :

Ericka Badu-Didnt cha know

Stuff I did Today:

Listen to Erycka Badus Didnt Cha Know All Day

Thought About quiting coffe but changed my mind when i got to sleepy to function

Thought about Getting a Tatto But then realised that i'm undecisive to even intertain The thought .

Drove to the Library Only to realise that i forgot my laptop charger.

Oh And Also I realised my Life long dream to because a Cat....#ThankYouSnapChat

Today’s Challenge:

Do /Plan Something You Love.

So weirdly enought even thoe i'm a bit( or a lot) social anxious , concert dont really scare me.

Everyones focused on the stage and the preformer,sure there the thought of getting robbed , assualted or being caught up in a random uprision or riot but i doount any artist i would want to see in conceert would attract that kind of crowed.

So tomorrow (sunday) I'm going to be At the Winter Jam.The line of include Red , Tedashi and Kb And A lot of other christian artist i don't really listen to.

Its Only about 40minutes away and best of all its 10$....Yes....Just yess.....All Concerts should be 10$ if you ask me.


#GetBetter #getbetter #music #concert #happy