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Day 2 : Cant think of a Good Title so this is the best i can do...Meh...

Day 2 Of the Happiness Challenge.

One words to describe my day : MEH

It’s not like i had a horrible day. In Fact it could have been much worst.

But yeah overall just very ...Meh.

If i could use a color to describe my day it would be : Gray

If i could use a song to describe it It would be : somewhere between San francisco by Scott Mckenzie & Formidable By Stromae.

But Really Just Je Cours By stromae….Yeah thats feels about right.

So 3 Good things About today!

#1 I did not fall asleep on the wheel while driving back from my graveyard shift.

I was surprisingly still awake ,even though i ran out of coffee half way through the yay for that.Im Alive.

#2 I found a Great a New Asian Drama to watch.

Ok "Great" might be a stretch since i’ve only watch the first episode,

but just started watching Bromance on Dramafever.

#3 When i got Home from my graveyard shift this morning

i had ice cream for breakfast.

so yeah thats it.


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