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Day 7:Still Alright

Day 7 of the Happiness Challenge

One words to describe my day : Alright

If i could describe to describe my day it would be : Light Brown

If i could use a song to describe it I would be :

Im cool Like that By Digable Planets

Stuff I did Today:

Walked Around The Fau Campus + Made a Id card.

Watched Hillary Clinton Dab On Ellen.

Got Ennoyed at the Loud Breather i sat Next to in my 8 am Class.

Found Several Hiding places around the library in case of a Panic Attack.

Today’s Challenge:

Be More Friendly/Make a new Friend

Didn't really do today's Challenge.After My Biological Bases of Psychology class, I pretty much just walked back to my car and took an hours long nap before i headed back out into the rain to walk around with a friend.

I Wasn't really friendly...didn't make any new friends.But Mehhh twas still a good day.


Todays I Was Happy Because:

Because it was a cold rainy day and i didn't have to walk around school by myself.

Also Got a Free Pizza so yay…=)

SideNote : No side not,it was just a good day.


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