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Day 1 : Happiness? Am I Doing it Right ?

Day 1 of the Happiness Challenge.

- Wake with a Smile and Keep It on till the end of the Days

- 3 Good Memories And thank God For them.

So i woke up today,with a smile on my face...or better yett i plastered a smile on my face when i woke.

It didn't feel any different from my usual self.

Which is why i wondered if i was even doing it right in the first place....

At some point,on my way to work, i flashed myself a smile on my rear view mirror.

And that it self still didnt make me feel any different but the thought of freaking other drivers out by driving around with that 'borderline' creepy smile on my face brought me a little bit of joy.

I didn't do it. But The thought entertained me....A LOT.

So Here are the 3 Good Memories That i carried around with me today.

#1 That time we went to Disney World As a Family!

It's a very vague memory but during one of our family vacations in orlando we went to Disney world for the first time and had a heck of a good time!

I remember starting the day of with scrambled eggs and (the love of my life)Bacon!

I have a picture of a nerdy(er) looking version of me walking around Disney world with socks and sandals but i’m not going to bother looking for it.Its better it it stays burried.

#2 That time i won 100 dollars in the 2nd grade!

In the year 2002,little ol me won 3rd place in a national drawing contest!

I have no idea what it was that i drew but i remember being pretty happy about that 100 dollars i won.

What did i do with that 100$,you ask ?

2 Words :


#3 That time we drove to Tampa for a Skillet Concert!

I think i’ve been to many christian concert as a child but i was pretty much just dragged there so they dont really count.

In the summer of 2010,right after moving to florida,i asked (begged) my dad to take me to the skillet concert that was going down in the Bush Garden.

That was my first concert , my first time in Tampa & first time in Bush Garden !

I was pretty obsessed with skillet at the time so on top of the fact that i got to rock out with my favorite christian rock band at the time , We got to play around at Bush Garden for a while after the concert.

All of these memories usually lead me to a much darker place when i let them stew around with my head for too much.But not today,today was fairly pleasant

And for that i am pretty thankfull.


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