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Day 3 : Something I Will Never Mention Again,Sushi & CreepShow 2 !

Day 3 of the Happiness Challenge.

1. One words to describe my day : Mmmeh

2. If i could use a color to describe my day it would be : Bleu-ish Gray

3. If i could use a song to describe it It would be :

The neighboorhood's The Beach.

Things I Realized today.

- Fake it Till You make it Doesn't Always work!

Sometimes when things get too real it get harder to fake it and harder to make it.

And that's ok to Sometimes.

So today i had to Get My Favorite Food And Eat it!

And so Bought my Favorite food i did!

I actually have a lot of favorite foods but i haven’t had sushi in a while so i got publix sushi.

(Courtesy of My friend Danielle who stopped by publix with me on our way back home from work,even though we totally had a weird moment [that i will not mention ever again], minutes before i asked to stop by publix)

Didn't take a picture of the sushi because if was just really good and i was Really Hungry.

But if you are a sushi lover and you’ve never had Publix sushi ,you are missing out !

I think thats about it for today.They rest of my day was pretty meh.

I think i’m doing this challenge wrong.

Anyway it's about 1 :18 Am and I’m watching CreepShow 2 On “Netflix” and thinking about going into my secret hiding place where i have my emergency twix Bars.(for really really Bad or Good days), Because twix are actually one of my favorite foods.

Side Note:

Why do they call the fun size twix bars …”FUN” size? I personally don't think

it's that "FUN" when i have to unwrap like a dozen of them to calm the beast inside my tummy.

Other Side Note:

i can't believe i haven't given up or forgotten about this blog yet.


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