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Happiness Challenge...?

While Derping around pinterest i found on an interesting happiness challenge.

Now i've never been one to do these online challenges

but mehhhh a little happiness never hurt nobody right ?

My expectation/thoughts:

1.This is going to be tiring.

2.I might quite half way and just pretend i never even set out to do this challenge in the first place.

3.This is going to be TIRING!

I'm Probably Not going to be following this list or this plan to the Tea.

In Fact i Might Just pick and choose whatever it is i want to do on the day.

I'm also not going to be doing the full Month.

I'm going to be realistic and bring it down to 10days.

(i know myself well enough to know that i will probably not

hung on for a whole month.)

Lastly I'm going to be sprinkling some smiles on this challenge.

Apparently that smiling stuff help with Productivity ,Creativity , Your Brain And just Your Health Overall.

So that's about it.

I'm probably going to start on this tomorrow.

No time like the near future.



#wannabehappy #challenge #happy #getbetter